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As many of you saw yesterday, there is a new wave of fake emails going around claiming that your accounts are suspended, your info needs updated etc. etc.
The links that are in those emails then ask you to put in all your data. Once you do that, they now have full access to your email account and use it to spam the world.

If there is an issue with your email, I will either call you directly or I will email you asking you to call me at the office. It will usually come from either this account or from todd@pyramid which is my direct account. If it doesn't come from either of those, then delete it. If you are unsure, call me.

Also there's another wave of ransomware spreading around. These are viruses that lock up your system demanding money to unlock them. If you get these, your only option is to take your computer into a shop to see if they can fix it. These things can get into your computer via attachments in emails, downloaded files/pictures and in some cases even just visiting malicious websites.

Everyone should have up-to-date anti virus programs installed on their devices (including apples) and an anti-malware program.

Here is a good list of free anti-malware and anti virus programs if you need one.

Bob's new project goes live!

Bob's new invention for cellphones is now available for purchase. Take a look at it on his new website...


If your internet connection goes down, DO NOT push the reset buttons on your modem or router, be it DSL, Cable or Fiber Optic. (Matter of fact, NEVER PUSH THEM no matter what!) The moment you do that, you have blown out all the settings in those devices. Do the following...

1. Unplug the power to the modem and router if you have one. (if you are using switches turn those off to)
2. Wait 3 minutes to let them cool down and to clear out any cached memory. Then plug them back in and test your connection. Always check by trying to open various websites like google, yahoo or msn.
3. If it's still not coming up, call the office.

With storms, forest fires and the constant construction/infrastructure work going on in the area effecting power and noise on the lines, modems/routers can go into an "on hold" mode that restarting will clear.
We can also experience localized and even regional outages which can take the internet offline for as long as a day in some instances and in some rare cases, even longer.

We provide:

DSL service via your phone line (you can use your phone and internet at the same time)

Broadband Fiber Optic (No land line required)

FREE local customer support

No bandwidth capping (You can use as much as you want!)

No contract or intro pricing

Email spam filtering available on request

Web hosting - Call for Specials!

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Is your ISP capping your internet usage?

At Pyramid Net, we have no bandwidth cap. We do not limit how much bandwidth you use a month unlike other ISPs in the area. If you aren't a Pyramid customer, then you may be in for a surprise on your bill.

Read here.

What is a cap? It’s just like the old cell phone minute plan. You have a set limit of data you can download and upload a month. If you reach that limit, then you are charged extra when you go over.

This is especially bad for those that use the internet for media like Netflix and other streaming video or those that do large backups on a constant basis.

For more info give us a call at 884-3202

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Ready to make the switch?

Just call our office and ask for Todd, Tiffany or Bob and we will do a survey which will confirm what services are available for you.
Depending on the service answers can take from a few hours to a couple of business days.
It is not uncommon for us to be able to provide service where otherwise none would be available.
No ISP in Northern Nevada has a broader offering for connectivity.
We will do our best to help you as we have been doing for 20 plus years.

What makes us better?

We offer faster service both for dial up & high-speed access and our customer service is local.

We offer on-site setup of your service and provide internet support for both Windows & Mac computers.

No credit cards required and no contracts & we offer discounts for annual payments.

Locally-owned & operated and 20 years of experience.

Having some trouble?

Why not give these few steps a try and see if you can fix your issue yourself.

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